by Hazel Soan

Colour is one of the most important and attractive properties of a painting, both for the artist and the viewer, and the glorious pigments, transparent washes and vibrant hues of watercolour make it a particularly alluring medium.

A vast array of colours and tones can be explored simply by adding water to pigment, producing paintings of breathtaking clarity and unique character.

By exploring the colours in the palette, Hazel Soan helps you to broaden your knowledge so that you can approach choosing and mixing colour
with confidence.

This book covers the rules of colour, the characteristics of each pigment, transparency and opacity, and how to mix and combine colours to achieve the most striking results. Each colour of the rainbow, together with black, white and brown, is explored in detail with paintings to demonstrate the properties of each pigment.

Once you understand the way watercolour works and the individual characteristics of the range of colours, you will be able to use them at their captivating best in your painting.

About the author
Hazel Soan is a popular and successful artist who divides her time between London and Cape Town, exhibiting her work widely. She has her own gallery in Fulham, London. She was one of the art experts in the popular Channel 4 TV series Watercolour Challenge and she is the author of several successful art books.

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Extent: 144 pages
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Illustrations: colour illustrations throughout