by Andrew Soltis

It’s a fact of chess life that if you want to win, you have to put a bit of study in. Every chess player, from near-beginner to experienced tournament player, needs to learn the openings and keep on top of current theory. But studying doesn’t have to be dull. This indispensable book contains foolproof ways to help the information go in… and stay in. Acclaimed chess author Andrew Soltis reveals the key techniques:

• Why you can’t study chess the same way you study school subjects
• How to acquire the most important knowledge: intuition
• The role of memorizing (it’s not a bad thing, despite what people say)
• How to get the most out of playing over a master’s game
• Adopting a chess hero as a means of learning
• How great players study
• Computers as a study tool
• How to train someone else

About the author

International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books including The Wisest Things Ever Said About ChessTranspo Tricks in Chess and How to Choose a Chess Move.

Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781849941358
Extent: 240 pages
Format: eBook
Illustrations: over 200 chessboard illustrations