Designing Technique for Figurative Stitching

by Rosie James

Stitch drawing – the act of using a needle and thread to draw with – is a method of textile artistry quickly growing in popularity. In this book, figurative stitch expert Rosie James reveals the huge creative scope these techniques offer. The first step is simply to pick up a pen and start drawing.

Beginning with exercises for drawing from observation, memory and photographs, as well as ideas for recording special events and gathering inspiration on the move, the book moves on to demonstrate how to get to grips with the sewing machine and transfer your drawings on to fabric, with step-by-step examples for getting started with your first stitch picture. Once you have mastered the basics there are plenty of exciting ideas for experimenting with unusual fabrics, different ways of using thread, incorporating blocks of colour and pattern, or combining with other techniques such as appliqué or screen printing.

Showcasing a range of beautiful work from leading stitch artists, this book is as much a celebration of stitch drawing as it is a practical guide, and will open up the inspirational world of figurative stitch both for beginners and professionals.

About the author
Rosie James is an artist living and working in Kent. She studied printed textiles and fine art and currently works as an artist and lecturer. Rosie exhibits her work all over the world and has pieces in hotels and museums in the UK and US. She is particularly interested in drawing and doesn’t see why this shouldn’t be done with a sewing machine. Rosie’s subject matter takes the crowd as its starting point, she is especially fascinated by photographing and drawing people as they gather in groups, at train stations or tourist hot spots, on the beach or at a wedding.

Price: £19.99
ISBN: 9781849941570
Extent: 128 pages
Format: Hardback
Size: 276 x 216 mm
Illustrations: 120 colour illustrations