Extraordinary but true stories

by Geoff Tibballs

Medicine’s Strangest Cases is a choice prescription of medical oddities, featuring an Essex man who kept getting pregnant; the physician who gave syphilis its name by writing a poem about it; and the future Lady Hamilton’s training as a courtesan through giving lectures on healthy living. We also meet nineteenth and twentieth century doctors whose response to people having fun was to warn of danger – they condemned bicycling because it could stimulate the ‘sexual system’ of ‘women of a certain temperament’; and protected young men from the dread disease of masturbation by blistering their penises with iodine (ouch!). Laugh out loud and wince in sympathy with this rundown of the most bizarre medical cases in history.

About the author
Sports writer Geoff Tibballs is the author of several bestselling Strangest titles, including Motor-racing and The Olympics, as well as Great Sporting Scandals. He lives in Wollaton, Nottingham.

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ISBN: 9781861058270
Extent: 280 pages
Format: Paperback
Size: 216 x 138 mm