by Alexander Kotov

Alexander Kotov’s trilogy, of which this is the second volume, marks a landmark in chess literature. For the first time, a leading player managed to tackle the important elements of chess mastery in a methodical way which all chessplayers could understand, spiced with insight and colourful observation. Furthermore, his ideas and approach are as relevant to players today as they were when the books were first published.

Alexander Kotov was one of the strongest players of the immediate post-war period, twice reaching the Candidates stage of the World Championship. He was also one of the leading Soviet trainers but is primarily remembered for his trilogy of classic works on chess coaching, of which Think Like a Grandmaster, one of the best-selling chess books of all time, was the first volume, and Play Like a Grandmaster the second.

The first edition of Think Like a Grandmaster sold out within three months, and it was immediately recognised as a classic:
‘This is a remarkable book. It will make the average player understand how a grandmaster thinks – and even more important, how he works, and it will show any player how he can think and play a lot better than he does… it is a pleasure to recommend it.’ C H O’D Alexander, The Sunday Times

‘The new and originally written Think Like a Grandmaster… bids strongly to be the most useful instruction book of all.’ Leonard Barden, The Guardian