by Danny Kopec

The Sicilian Defence, famed for its exciting counter-attacking potential, has long enjoyed great popularity at all levels of play – from club amateur to world champion.

In this instructive book, part of the acclaimed Batsford ‘Mastering the Openings’ series, International Master Dr Danny Kopec explains the Sicilian from Black’s point of view in terms of pawn structures, tactical themes and plans, rather than dense analysis of specific lines of play.

By going through the mastery lessons, step by step, the reader will gain true understanding of the ideas behind the main variations of the Sicilian and the confidence to progress thereafter to a study of more advanced theory.

About the author
Dr Danny Kopec has pursued an academic career as Professor of Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Software Methodology. For more than 15 years Kopec has been testing and evaluating hundreds of chess players in the UK, Canada and the US in order to quantify their overall chess strength, their specific deficiencies and definite abilities. In bridging his chess and academic interests, Kopec has developed a reputation as perhaps the world’s greatest exponent of chess knowledge.