Extraordinary But True Stories From Over Two Hundred Years of Angling History

by Tom Quinn

Fishing’s Strangest Tales gathers together choice stories and bizarre fishing tales from all over the world. Consider the Oxford scientist who in 1910 discovered the marvellous life-giving properties of brandy to fish who had otherwise gasped their last. Or how about the nine-year-old boy fishing for trout who caught a large mussel – containing no less than forty pearls – and managed to earn more in one day than his father, a farm worker, had earned in the last five years. Fishing’s Strangest Days is full of fascinating tales that may sound fishy and unbelievable but will have have you caught hook, line and sinker.

About the author
Journalist, juggler, orange peel collector and expert on Victorian fish painters, Tom Quinn spends much of his time travelling round Britain looking for quirky subjects to write about. His twelve books to date include Shooting’s Strangest Matches and cover everything from antique collecting to English eccentrics. He’s also written a book about the children’s author and illustrator Denys Watkins Pitchford as well as a collection of interviews with survivors of the First World War. He writes occasional obituaries for The Times and edits Country Business magazine.

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ISBN: 9781861055354
Extent: 224 pages
Format: Paperback
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