Extraordinary But True Tales from over Five Centuries of Harmony and Discord

by Brian Levison and Frances Farrer

Extracted from five hundred years of musical history, this is a fascinating collection of stories about classical music’s most unusual concerts and characters. Tales such as that of the organist caught with his trousers down or the orchestra that played faster and faster so that its members could catch the last train home, the sad story of the composer who committed suicide while conducting, the completely silent piece of music and the stone deaf composer who insisted on conducting will delight all lovers of classical music. Many famous names are here, as well the less eminent music performers, in this fascinating and revealing look at what really goes on in the world of classical music.

About the authors
Brian Levison is a writer, poet, amatrue chorister and lover of classical music. He wrote the libretto for an oratorio Exodus and has published two books of poetry. He lives in Oxford and is co-principal of Poetry Direct poetry press. Frances Farrer writes for the Independent and the TES. She won the Vogue Young Journalists Award. Her most recent book is the oficial biography of Sir George Trevelyan. Her children’s stories, published by Gollancz, were broadcast on Radio 4. She lectures in Oxford and New York.

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ISBN: 9781861059383
Extent: 256 pages
Format: Paperback
Size: 216 x 138 mm