by Anne Tyrrell

Working from surviving garments and contemporary tailoring books and patterns, Anne Tyrrell has put together a pattern book of key 20th-century costumes with fascinating historical details on dress. A decade for each chapter, the book features garments such as war uniforms, a 1930s evening gown, a Teddy Boy outfit, a 1960s maxi coat and many more. Wonderful illustrations of period dress are accompanied by information on notable features, underwear and accessories for each period. Scale patterns follow for each outfit shown, complete with detailed notes on making up, using techniques appropriate to the period. A grid for enlargement of the pattern pieces is provided together with full instructions.

This is an essential book for any dressmaker interested in recreating period dress, especially film and theatre costume-makers, but also fashion designers looking for inspiration in authentic historical dress of the recent past. From Edwardian dresses and war uniforms to ‘flapper’ dresses, teddy boy outfits and mini skirts. Historically accurate patterns cover every decade of the 20th century. Wonderful illustrations of period dress. An essential reference for costume designers and fashion students.

About the author

Anne V. Tyrrell was a lecturer in charge of design and fashion at Coventry Technical College, and is also an experienced teacher of embroidery, textile art, tailoring and dressmaking.

Price: £20.00
ISBN: 9781906388515
Extent: 160 pages
Format: Paperback
Size: 310 x 240 mm
Illustrations: 100