Interactive chess tuition – a painless way to chess mastery

by Edward Lasker

One of the longest established, yet still most innovative, introductory chess manuals.

Lasker’s masterwork has already provided a generation of aspiring chess players with an entertaining course in the basics of mastering chess. This edition, edited by John Nunn, is the definitive chess teaching manual.

• Interactive chess exercises
• Superb examples by some of the all-time greats
• Written by a man who played chess at the highest level

Lasker takes the reader through an interactive chess adventure. The reward for a correct answer is to proceed to the next concept; otherwise the reader is told why the answer is wrong, and encouraged to try again. All aspects of chess are covered, from the rules of the game through to advanced play.

About the author
Edward Lasker was a leading player in the first half of the twentieth century. His brilliant queen sacrifice against Sir George Thomas in 1912 is one of the most famous combinations ever played, and he was one of the participants at the great New York tournament of 1924. He went on to gain even greater fame as a perceptive and entertaining writer of popular chess books. His interactive approach to chess teaching was decades ahead of its time.