by Claire Harrigan

As the interest in non-representational art grows and artists become more adventurous, this important book helps the reader make the move towards abstract art through the use of colour – the hallmark of Claire Harrigan’s work in mixed media. Fantastically illustrated throughout and with sound technical advice. the book includes stunning finished pieces and some step-by-step demonstrations. The book covers:How to Make the move towards abstract art and semi-abstract art; How to use colour to shape your abstract art; Analysis and selection for abstract art with guidance on simplification, distortion and exaggeration plus how to emphasize elements such as line and shape as well as colour; The application of abstraction to a range of subject areas, including still life, flowers, buildings, figures and landscape, and how they evolved from the original inspiration; Choosing and working with different media – acrylic, gouache, watercolour, oil, pastel and collage – and how to combine media.

About the author

Claire Harrigan is a major Scottish artist, exhibiting across Scotland, London, Hong Kong and Japan. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and is a member of the Visual Arts Scotland and the Royal Scottish Watercolour Society. She has won several awards for her work, including the Latimer Award (RSA), the Glasgow ARts Club Fellowship Award and the James Torrance Memorial Award.

Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781849940740
Extent: 128 pages
Format: Paperback
Size: 276 x 216 mm
Illustrations: 130