The theme for The Batsford Prize 2016 was ‘Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim’. Shorlisted entries are showcased below. Click here to see the winning entries of each category.


Aiden Moore, University of Hertfordshire, ‘Secret London’

Adien Moore 

Georgina Ridgley, Norwich University of the Arts, ‘There’s life in it yet’

 Georgina Ridgley

Isabella Mitchell, Nottingham Trent University, ‘The Five Day Workshop in Recycling, Reusing and Reclaiming’


Karl Ricardo, University of Derby, ‘City of Ruin’

Karl Ricardo 

Kaye Lindsay, University of Derby, ‘Rejuvenation’

Kaye Lindsay 

Lauren Glen, Manchester School of Art, ‘Stamen’

 Lauren Glen

Teodora Cube, University of Derby, ‘Creative Process’

 Teodora Cube




Anna Fatori, Heriot Watt University, ‘Sustainable product development’

Anna Fatori1 

Carmela D’Ascoli University for the Creative Arts, ‘ReWorks’

Carmela D'Ascoli 

Deanna Fanning Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, ‘Salvation Army Project’

 Deanna FanningPhoto by Alex Kessler

Hendrickje Schimmel Royal College of Art, ‘Storage’

Hendrickje Schimmel 

Joao Elias, London College of Fashion, ‘From landfill to luxury’

Joao Elias 

Lucie Knights, Manchester School of Art, ‘Cork Workers Jacket’

Lucie Knights 

Stine Sandermann Olsen, Chelsea Collage of Arts, ‘Shedding My Skin’

Stine Sandermann Olsen 


Fine and Applied Arts


Christine Cheseldine, Leeds College of Art, ‘Reclaim those days’

 Christine Cheseldine

Joonhong Min University College London, Slade Scool of Fine Art, ‘Urban Methodologies’

Joonhong Min 

Josephine Dove, Arts University Bournemouth, Untitled

Josephine Dove 

Laura-Jane Atkinson and Eade Hemingway, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Making our futures’

Laura-Jane Atkinson and Eade Hemmingway 

Megan Fatharly, Falmouth University, ‘Organic Chaos’

 Megan Fatharly

Mikkel Ullah, Leeds College of Art, ‘Exit Elements’

Mikkel Ullah 

Sarah Kostick, Chelsea College of Arts, ‘Social Cleansing’

Sarah Kostick