The shortlist for the Batsford Prize 2014 (in alphabetical order)

Monica Bonomo, University of Bournemouth, Inhabit

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Waikeung Lam, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, The Use of Useless

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Huyeyoung Maeng, Lancaster University, Big Bracelets

HMaeng-Image1web HMaeng-Image2web HMaeng-Image3web  HMaeng-Image5web


Hannah Newton, Falmouth University, Mark of the Maker

Hair and Silver Embroidery Detail  1.web Hair and Silver Embroidery Detail  2.web Mark of the Maker.web Padded Hand Detail 1.web Padded Hand Detail 2.web

Miriam Rowan, Goldsmiths College, You’re very small, Zim, You’re a Tiny Thing

mousheens 1web mousheens 2web mousheens 3web  mousheens 5web

Jake Ruddie, Arts University Bournemouth, Flora and Fauna 3

flora and fauna 3, Jake Ruddle - 1webflora and fauna 3, Jake Ruddle - 2web

flora and fauna 3, Jake Ruddle - 3web

Emma Swinnerton, University of Huddersfield, Mindful Stitch

Mindful Stitch Image 1web Mindful Stitch Image 2web Mindful Stitch Image 3web

Fiona Ward, Barton Peveril College, Floating

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